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Dashco exterior wall finishes

High Impact Render.


Dashco's High Impact Render is a pre-mixed ready to use material with the addition of clean water the only requirement. A polymer modified glass fibre reinforced formulation designed to cope with difficult substrates and giving greater adhesion.


It's designed to give extremely high flexural and tensile strength, together with excellent bonding to sound substrates, resistance to water penetration and durability to the highest order. High impact resistance without cracking gives a surface total protection against the ever changing environment.


Dashco's High Impact Render may be used as a render in its own right, or in conjunction with other decorative finishes, forming a highly durable system. The system is also suitable for use in sterile areas where constant cleaning is carried out with a suitable cleaning system.


Where can it be used?

Most suitably prepared substrates such as:
  • Brickwork
  • Concrete blocks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Concrete
  • Extrenal or internal applications

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